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Our Services Include...

New Construction

Interested in an accessory structure like a workshop or apartment? Or ready to build your own custom home? We'd love to hear about your project. 

Floor Plan Pic.jpg

Whole-Home Renovations & Additions

Whether you need to update your home or add completely new spaces we can show you what is possible and transform your home.

Addition Framing

Kitchen Remodels

Do you want to transform your kitchen finishes or create an entirely new space? Ether way, Raven will deliver. 

Kitchen with Marble Island

Building Design

One of our founders, Alexandria Campbell, offers in-house building design for both renovations as well as new construction projects. With an eye for marrying form and function and a passion for innovative design and construction, she can help bring your ideas to fruition. 

Untitled 1.jpg

Bath Remodels

Whether it be a complete updating or reconfiguration, from floor to ceiling, we can make it new. 

208 Harmony Lane-30.jpg



Whether it be interior or exterior, built-ins or custom closets, we love to get creative designing one-of-a-kind aspects to our projects.  

loft stairs 1.jpg

Do you have questions or would you like to speak with us about your project? 

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